lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Over 10 years working for the conservation of sharks in the Argentine Sea

Created in 2000, the SHARK CONSERVATION PROGRAM is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation, study, research and awareness of chondrichthyans in the Argentine Sea.

The prejudiced bad press given to sharks, the ignorance and indifference towards their survival, in addition to the growing pressure deriving from worldwide fishing activities that is leading to their extinction, makes it necessary to work in pursuit of the conservation of these misunderstood fish along with their environment before it is too late. Each year, 100 million sharks die as a result of commercial fishing, sports fishing, waste material and the lucrative fin trade. The oceans have evolved over 400 million years, with sharks performing a pivotal role as predators. Consequently their disappearance will destroy the health of the oceans.


- To demystify the image of sharks through education.

- To spread information on the different species of chondrichthyans (sharks, rays and chimaeras), particularly those inhabiting the Argentine Sea.

- To protect chondrichthyans and other marine species within the natural reserves.

- To collaborate with other institutions on a national and international level for the care of marine biodiversity.

- To promote the sustainable management of marine resources.

- To conduct research activities that aim to improve our knowledge of chondrichthyes.  

The SHARK CONSERVATION PROGRAM is an active member of the international network LET SHARKS LIVE. Likewise, together with officials, researchers and other NGO’s, we form the PAN-Tiburones Argentina (National Plan of Action for Shark Conservation in Argentina) technical committee within the framework of FAO International Plans of Action. In March, 2012 we were admitted into the SHARK ALLIANCE international coalition.